The Rhythm of Burgas: Annual Events & Cultural Calendar

Burgas, a city pulsating with energy and cultural vibrancy, hosts a myriad of regular events throughout the year. From celebrating local talent to embracing international arts, these events contribute to the dynamic tapestry of Burgas’s cultural scene.


  • International Audition for performances of German and Austrian music: A showcase of talent, bringing the rich musical traditions of Germany and Austria to the forefront.


  • Bourgas Sailing Week: Set sail on the Black Sea as Burgas becomes a hub for sailing enthusiasts from near and far.
  • Petya Dubarova-Contest: A homage to the renowned Bulgarian poet Petya Dubarova, this contest celebrates poetry and literary expression.
  • Erata na Vodoleya-Theatre Festival: Immerse yourself in the world of theatre through captivating performances at this annual festival.


  • July Morning: Welcome the sunrise on the shores of Burgas during this enchanting tradition.
  • Three Week Festival of Opera and Classical Music: Revel in the grandeur of opera and classical music performances that grace the city.
  • Bourgas Marathon Swimming: Witness the endurance and skill of swimmers as they navigate the waters in this challenging marathon.
  • Golden Mic Awards: Recognizing excellence in the field of music, the Golden Mic Awards shine a spotlight on local and international talents.


  • Kiteboarding Regatta: Feel the adrenaline as kiteboarders showcase their skills in this thrilling regatta.
  • Spirit of Burgas: A celebration of music and arts, the Spirit of Burgas festival attracts a diverse crowd with its eclectic lineup.
  • International Folk Festival: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of global folk traditions during this vibrant festival.


  • St. Nicholas Day: On December 6th, Burgas pays homage to its patron saint, St. Nicholas, a cherished celebration particularly among the city’s fishermen.
  • WDSF Burgas Cup: Dance enthusiasts gather for the WDSF Burgas Cup, showcasing elegance and skill on the dance floor.

Fans of rock and roll, metal, techno, rap, Latin, and jazz music all enjoyed the fifth edition of the Spirit of Burgas Festival in Bulgaria. It was a fact that the festival had been attracting more and more guests every year. We spoke to the manager of the festival, Stefan Elenkov, to learn more about the concerts that year.

“I was sure that fans would enjoy the performance of Busta Rhymes – one of the biggest artists on the US hip-hop scene. UK legends The Prodigy also had a concert to the joy of music lovers. The alternative metal band Korn was also part of the program of Spirit of Burgas. That year, the festival cooperated with the Solar Festival for electronic music. Fans of house, trance, and techno music enjoyed the parties of Armin van Buuren, Richie Hawtin, and Mark Knight. There was a special stage dedicated to lovers of jazz, Latin, and reggae music called BrazzoBrazzie, and some of the best Bulgarian musicians performed on it, including singer Ruth Koleva. There was a hip-hop stage too, where Bulgarian bands like Gumeni Glavi, BG Hip Hop U.N.I.T.Y, and others performed. We had also prepared a special surprise for the fans, but I will not reveal it now.”

There was a concert by the Bulgarian band Panican Whyasker before the performance of the Romanian band Sensor. Fans of the Bulgarian band Wickeda were pleased too, as they had a concert too. That year, Spirit of Burgas was part of the European Talent Exchange Program. The festival started on August 3 with a concert by the best Bulgarian hip-hop artists, united in the project BG Hip Hop U.N.I.T.Y. Let’s listen now to one of the biggest summer Bulgarian hits, performed by Grafa, Bobo, and Pechenkata.

The central beach of Burgas was the venue of the festival between August 3-5th. Spirit of Burgas was expected to attract about 10,000 guests from Bulgaria and abroad. The main stage, the Jack Daniel’s Rock Arena, the Solar Dance Arena, the Brazzobrazzie stage, and the hip-hop arena were all set for the partygoers.

SPICE Music Festival celebrated its 5th anniversary! On August 4th and 5th, 2023, Burgas Port played host to the greatest 90’s party of the year. We were thrilled to meet with you and showcase our amazing lineup, which included Alexia, Apache Indian, Dr. Alban, Culture Beat, DJ Quicksilver, S.T.S.B. FKA FUN Factory, Kate Ryan, Lucenzo, Nana, N-Trance, Paradisio, SNAP!, U96, and the RnB legends Gumeni Glavi.

in 2024 the first announced artists are the inimitable 2Unlimited, E-Type, Evi Goffin (ex Lasgo), Fragma, Gareth Gates, Groove Coverage, Italo Brothers, and more announcements are yet to come!

These annual events not only reflect the cultural diversity of Burgas but also offer residents and visitors unforgettable experiences that capture the spirit and essence of this dynamic city. Whether you’re a music aficionado, a sports enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the arts, Burgas has something special to offer throughout the year.

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