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For over a decade, Word Box has been a leading translation agency in Sofia, dedicated to providing high-quality foreign language translations and document legalization services. The Word Box team, driven by a clear vision of customer service, is composed of professional translators and editors authorized by the Consular Relations Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This authorization allows them to conduct translations that the Ministry then legalizes.

Why Choose Word Box?

1. Customer-Centric Approach: Word Box understands the priorities of its customers, ensuring that orders are completed within specified deadlines without compromising on quality. The team is always ready to provide feedback, adapting to the dynamic needs of the clients.

2. Expertise Across Domains: Employing a team of translators with extensive experience, Word Box specializes in various domains, including financial, medical, IT, legal, and artistic translations. The agency ensures that each project is handled by the best-suited professionals to achieve the desired outcome.

3. Confidentiality Assurance: Associates at Word Box prioritize the confidentiality of clients’ information, signing confidentiality declarations to guarantee the security of the documents they handle.

4. Transparent Pricing: Word Box takes pride in transparent pricing. The agency’s website displays prices without any additional markups or rounding up of volumes. Clients pay for the exact volume they receive, ensuring fairness in every transaction.

5. Welcoming First-Time Orders: To make customers feel welcome, Word Box offers a 10 percent discount on the first order placed with the agency. This gesture reflects their commitment to building long-lasting relationships with clients.

6. Short Deadlines, Uncompromised Quality: Word Box efficiently manages short deadlines without compromising on quality. With years of experience and the necessary resources, the agency can successfully handle large volumes of work while maintaining the integrity of the text.

Word Box Translation Agency has consistently delivered excellence in language services over the past decade. Their commitment to meeting customer needs, providing specialized expertise, ensuring confidentiality, and maintaining transparent pricing sets them apart in the competitive translation industry. For businesses and individuals seeking reliable and efficient language solutions, Word Box stands as a trusted partner, blending speed and quality seamlessly.

Address: Sofia, 24 Neofit Rilski St., ground floor
Phone: +359 2 421 91 28
Mobile: +359 884 64 86 96
Email: office@word-box.net

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