Dilema accounting company

In the dynamic landscape of business and finance in Sofia, one company stands out as a beacon of reliability and expertise – DILEMA. Specializing in a comprehensive range of accounting services, company formations, and tax consultations, DILEMA has been a cornerstone in the financial success of businesses since 1995.

Headquartered in Sofia, DILEMA operates under the seasoned guidance of Mrs. Daniela Borisova, leading a team of 11 highly experienced certified accountants. With a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence, DILEMA has become synonymous with trust and professionalism in the realm of financial services.

DILEMA proudly serves a diverse clientele, spanning various industries such as construction, manufacturing, domestic and foreign trade, transportation, hospitality, publishing, investments, and non-profit organizations. Their comprehensive suite of services extends beyond the borders of Bulgaria, offering partnership opportunities to foreign accounting firms seeking to establish or expand their presence in the country.

What sets DILEMA apart is its dedicated support for foreign nationals looking to navigate the complexities of starting a business in Bulgaria. The company assists with every facet of the process, from company incorporation and legal services to accounting and documentation required for residence and ID issuance. An English-speaking representative accompanies clients to institutions, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition into the Bulgarian business landscape.

DILEMA’s extensive experience in serving businesses from Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, and several other countries underscores their proficiency in addressing the unique needs of diverse international clients. The company’s commitment to providing tailored solutions goes beyond financial services, extending to assistance in finding offices, employees, stores, and industrial premises.

The hallmark of DILEMA’s success lies in its long-standing collaborations with clients, a testament to the correctness and precision with which they conduct their work. Clients receive professional services that align with legal norms, the specifics of their business, and individual requirements.

In an ever-evolving legal landscape, DILEMA remains proactive in keeping clients informed about novelties and changes. Timely discussions with clients enable effective tax planning, allowing companies to optimize their financial strategies within the bounds of the law.

At the core of DILEMA’s mission is a commitment to the prosperity, market stability, and financial success of their clients. The company views its success as intertwined with the success of its business partners, fostering a culture of long-lasting and correct cooperation.

In conclusion, DILEMA stands as a trusted ally for businesses seeking financial prosperity in Bulgaria. With a dedicated team, a wealth of experience, and a commitment to excellence, DILEMA continues to pave the way for success in the intricate world of accounting and financial services.

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