SCANDINAVIA CONSULT Bulgarian Translation Services

In the ever-connected global landscape, effective communication is key, and few understand this better than Scandinavia Consult Translation Agency. Established in 1990, it stands as one of the oldest and most esteemed translation agencies, providing unparalleled language services to a diverse clientele that spans large-scale corporations, blue-chip companies, and individuals. With expertise in over 40 languages, the agency has become a trusted bridge for linguistic and cultural understanding.

Conveniently located, Scandinavia Consult Translation Agency offers not only top-notch translation services but also on-site consultations and telephone support in English, German, Russian, and Swedish. The commitment to accessibility ensures that clients receive personalized and efficient service tailored to their specific needs.

Setting itself apart, the agency has earned certification for compliance with EN 15038, the international translation quality standard. Additionally, Scandinavia Consult is an active member of the Bulgarian-Nordic Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Bulgarian Translation Agencies, further solidifying its reputation as a reliable and professional language service provider.

The agency’s versatile offerings cater to a broad spectrum of needs, including certified translations of vital documents such as birth, marriage, and academic certificates, medical reports, and specialized texts. For those requiring legal validation, Scandinavia Consult Translation Agency provides a seamless process. Clients can visit the office to submit their documents in person, or they can authorize someone to do so on their behalf. The agency also guides clients through any additional steps required for document legalization by other authorities.

Scandinavia Consult Translation Agency thrives in various industries, showcasing its adaptability and proficiency in diverse sectors. From marketing and advertising to legal, financial, technical, medical, public sector, energy, telecommunications, IT, publishing, entertainment, automotive, consulting, education, and media, the agency’s expertise spans an impressive array of fields.

With languages being the heart of their operation, Scandinavia Consult Translation Agency boasts a roster that includes English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Romany, Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Slovak, Macedonian, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Hungarian, Albanian, Croatian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, and Chinese.

In conclusion, Scandinavia Consult Translation Agency’s rich legacy and commitment to excellence make it a beacon in the translation industry. As a trusted partner for linguistic solutions, the agency not only breaks down language barriers but also ensures cultural nuances are preserved. Whether you are a multinational corporation or an individual seeking certified translations, Scandinavia Consult Translation Agency stands ready to provide top-tier language services tailored to your unique requirements.

Address: 113A Evlogi Georgiev Blvd.
Phone: +359 2 943 43 05
Mobile: + 359 899 86 32 41

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